I took lessons from Russ for over 10 years and I can say that there isn't anything that he offers that doesn't provide considerable improvement to a person's game. This is especially true for his endgame and openings course work.

R White - Virginia ( Mental Health Services Supervisor )


Russell Potter and student shaking handsI've been taking lessons from Rusty for over 11 years. Rusty’s best knack for teaching is the ability to take all researched data and give it back to you in instructive, descriptive forms, memorable and often amusing. Rusty's ability to apply language-based ideas to chess is something I've not seen rivaled anywhere else.

J Lilly – Virginia ( Public School System Network Administrator )


No question about it, Russell is a great teacher. Only with comprehensive instruction will a player have a chance not only for impressive improvement but to really enjoy the challenge and thrill of playing. Russell gives you all that.

G Denby – Arizona ( Senior Stock Analyst – Retired )


My comprehensive chess instruction with Russell Potter over the past ten years has been extremely helpful. By selecting an opening repertoire that matched my style of play, receiving instruction in tactics and endgame theory, and analyzing my tournament games, I have greatly improved both my playing ability and my USCF rating. This has greatly increased my enjoyment of the game.

M Cooperson - Louisiana ( University Reference Librarian )


If your chess goals are long range and serious; and if you want a no nonsense, solid and comprehensive grounding in the opening, middlegame and endgame phases of chess, I strongly recommend the Russell Potter program as a pathway to help you achieve those goals.

T Michlowski – Wisconsin ( M.D. )


During the seven years our son has taken chess lessons from Mr. Potter he has progressed from being a young player who relied solely on his natural ability to a player who now has a complete repertoire of openings and a much broader understanding of the entire game of chess. Mr. Potter is a gifted teacher who recognizes each student as an individual with his own needs and abilities and teaches accordingly. From the development of a uniquely individualized method of teaching openings to extensive post tournament game analysis, he is always striving to help his student become the strongest player possible. Mr. Potter is an incredible teacher who delights in sharing his extensive knowledge so that others can also develop a passion for chess.

M McGuire – Virginia ( Business Owner and Chess Mom )


Are you tired of the hit-or-miss approach of reading chess books to improve your performance? Then hire a highly experienced chess instructor, who will diagnose the parts of your chess thinking that are holding you back. Russell Potter will pinpoint where you should focus your efforts, in order to quickly improve your chess!

D Erb - North Carolina


Working with Rusty has really helped me organize my openings and my opening study. His comprehensive catalogue of opening drill-sheets makes it easy to pinpoint holes in your repertoire as well as make choices between different options in the lines you already play. Before working with Rusty, my openings were slipshod. Now I have a much better idea of what I'm going to play. This gives me extra time on the clock during games and more familiarity with the middle game positions that arise from my repertoire.

S McIntosh – North Carolina ( University Computer Systems Technician )


Russell Potter's aid in putting together my opening repertoire has saved me much time and many lost games. His methodical approach has ensured that I am prepared to meet all of the major opening systems. Within less than a year of instruction I have developed much opening knowledge and can go to tournaments with confidence. His instruction lays a firm backbone on which to lay the rest of your chess development.

H Harlow – Virginia ( College Student )


I have been a student of Russell Potter for over 14 years. I definitely recommend his lessons to anyone seeking to improve their game. The opening work we have done is student specific so that the student is left with a focus and not with a unmanageable amount of opening study. Since beginning my lessons I did improve my rating. Even more important is the increase in my confidence in knowing that I am now following correct opening plans. If I do go wrong somewhere, I now have a source to whom I can direct my questions. Russell is a true teacher at heart and takes pride in his work.
He is also a nice man !

J Buxton - Maine ( Land Surveyor / Assessor )


I have taken chess lessons from Rusty Potter for over 10 years and my game has greatly improved as a result. Rusty is very professional in his approach to teaching chess and loves what he is doing. Some of my favorite chess lessons with him include; the development of my opening repertoire, attacking tips, game score analysis, and the study of basic, weak and strong pawn structures. Whether you want to become an A player, expert or higher, you need one on one training. With Rusty Potter you will get the best chess training money can buy.

C Fisher - Florida ( Certified Public Accountant )


The most unclear part of chess to me was the center during the opening.
I was never sure of how or when to change the center, and what the results of all the possible changes were. Thanks to Mr. Potter's 6 Cases of the Classical Center lecture, I was able to learn about the general rules governing these positions, and what positions I should strive to obtain, depending on whether I was playing to keep the advantage as White or achieve equality as Black.

C Teeple - Virginia ( High School Student )


I've been a student of Russell for over 12 years and my chess has improved tremendously during that time. Identifying and correcting key deficiencies in my chess knowledge was done largely through analysis of my games and by taking several of his courses. These short, easy to digest courses on chess strategy have included the Compulsion Scale, 6 Cases of the Classical Center and the Advanced Material Values Table. Combined with his short courses on the endgame, these strategy courses have helped me to much better understand the important transition from middlegame into the endgame.

JM Soto - Indiana ( University Professor )


I have been a student of Rusty's now for several years. Rusty offers a comprehensive, structured set of lessons for any level of chess player. I have looked for better lessons, and have not found them anywhere. Unreal as this sounds, many times I have told Rusty his prices are WAY too low and yet he has refused to raise his rates ! Two subjects that I have been especially impressed with are his lecture on the King & Bishop & Knight vs. King Mate as well as his Pawn Promotion Drills Course. These particular lessons require a lot of detailed work, but they are logical, structured and complete.

B Curry - Pennsylvania ( Corporate Accountant - Retired )


An Original Life Master, Russell Potter’s 40 years of successful instructional and chess tournament expertise comes through in his personalized one-on-one lessons with his students at the Mid-Atlantic Chess Instruction Center.

Rusty tailors his instructional program to meet your needs, with an accommodating training schedule and at very reasonable rates.

My favorite lectures and courses include the Scale of Compulsion, Advanced Material Values, Fine’s Basic Chess Endings rules and Averbakh’s general principles. All of these have served to improve both my playing skill as well as my love for the game.

To Summarize : If you earnestly wish to improve your game, at very reasonable rates, through a proven training program by an experienced chess master, tailored to fit your individual needs, Rusty will give you the best “bang for the buck”!

D Delgado – Maryland ( Senior Executive, Manufacturing Operations )


Russell Potter

Chess, like music, like love, has the power to make people happy.