Feel free to contact Mr. Russell Potter for questions about chess lessons.

Russell Potter at his computer

Phone: (540) 344-4446



Russell Potter
2755 Brandon Ave. Southwest, Apt. 114
Roanoke, VA 24015


Student Comments

I am a student of Rusty's now for about two years. Rusty offers a comprehensive, structured set of lessons for any level of chess player. I have looked for better lessons, and have not found them anywhere. Unreal as this sounds, many times I have told Rusty his prices are WAY too low and yet he has refused to raise his rates! Two subjects that I have been especially impressed with are his lecture on the King & Bishop & Knight vs. King Mate as well as his Pawn Promotion Drills Course. These particular lessons require a lot of detailed work, but they are logical, structured and complete.

B. Curry
Corporate Accountant - Retired