(1) Player - Opponent
(4) K&B&N : "Colt 45", 30.03.2001

We now look at a key pattern that should be used by the superior side in the variation in which the defending king "jumps out" of the car. It is the "Colt 45" method. In the diagram, this position gets its name from the fact that the knight ( Colt ) is situated on a square which is exactly ( 4 ) squares from the closest edges of the board in either direction. Notice that the bishop is on a short diagonal consisting of ( 5 ) squares. The knight and the bishop must be on the same rank or file in order to properly enclose the defending king. Notice also here, that the knight and the bishop together create a powerful set of check-barriers that the defending king can neither approach nor break out of. Also notice here that the help of the White king is not even needed in order to keep the defending king a prisoner in this invisible cage! By itself, the "Colt 45" formation in effect "holds a gun" on the defending king and thus keeps him from running away! This formation of confinement allows the superior side to use a leisurely approach with his king. From this position, the superior king will gradually drive the defending king into the corner, where he will soon be Checkmated. *